No matter what climate you live in, your cost of electricity, or how often you use your hot tub, a Marquis spa is designed to save you money. Plus it only costs pennies a day to operate. A spa that saves you money - that's even more enjoyable.

energy cover hot tubsaving money, layer by layer

Solid foam insulation is proven to be the most energy efficient means of keeping spa water warm. It has the highest R-value of any insulation concept used in spa manufacturing. Marquis fills up the spa cabinet with foam that is highly efficient, doesn't degrade and contains no ozone-depleting substances. This solid foam prevents heat loss through the spa wall and footwell, insulates the plumbing, reduces vibration, adds strength, quiets my spa and saves energy costs.

efficient equipment is smart

Components are housed in an enclosed equipment bay and feature an energy efficient pump with a long-lasting Viton® aircraft-type seal, and a reliable, chemical resistant stainless steel heating system.