We curated our most popular Signature Series options and accessories into one convenient upgrade, the Ultimate Package! Marquis Signature hot tubs already deliver the ultimate hydrotherapy experience. What the Ultimate Package delivers is helpful extras to make hot-tub-related tasks easier, and additional amenities to make your Signature experience even more enjoyable. Here is what you get:

Ultimate Cover Companion Cover Lift

Cover Companion™ cover lift

Cover Companion is designed to help you maneuver your hot tub’s DuraCover® before and after hydrotherapy. High-quality DuraCovers are made from marine-grade double-stitched vinyl and dense 2 pound insulation foam, which may prove hefty for some hot tub owners. Cover Companion does much of the heavy lifting for you, helping to position the spa cover out of the way or return it to a closed position after your hydrotherapy session. Cover Companion is made from powder-coated aluminum so it will not rust even if it becomes scratched. Brackets are mounted on both sides of the hot tub and fastened into the frame. Once the cover is lifted, it can be stored on the back side of the hot tub. To ensure there is sufficient clearance to operate Cover Companion, please contact your local Marquis Dealer.

Marquis Ultimate Package Environments Modules

Environments™ Step and Storage Modules

Sharing the same color palette as your hot tub, Signature Environments are made in the same USA facility that manufactures Marquis hot tubs. The step module is sturdy and secure, making it easier to get in and out of your spa. Keep your hot tub supplies close and neatly tucked away using the storage module.* Signature Environments are made from sustainably-harvested Hem-fir and cedar framing, stainless-steel fasteners, weatherproof DuraWood™ exteriors with steps and seating surfaces made from heavy-duty composite decking. To resist leakage, the underside of storage lids are sealed with silicone and the underside of every module gets a durable polysheet vapor barrier. Designs and configurations may vary depending on the hot tub model you select.*

Signature Constellations LED accent lighting

Constellation™ LED lighting system

Experience ultimate ambiance with Constellation LED lighting! As a supplement to your hot tub’s multicolor Aqua Ambiance™ LED spa light and Moodmaker™ multipoint LED lighting, optional Constellation accent lighting builds additional multicolor LEDs into the interior and exterior of your Signature hot tub, along with variable color modes and transitions. Benefits include increased nighttime visibility, enhanced visual impact and augmented stress relief and relaxation. Perfectly integrated with the Lamiflo™ pop-up water features, Constellation infuses brilliant color into the waterfall and transforms the interior and exterior of your hot tub into a luminous spectacle your guests will admire.

Signature Ultimate Package Aromatherapy

Aroma Infusions™ aromatherapy system

Aromatherapy offers a variety of therapeutic benefits, including enhanced stress-relief and relaxation. Aroma Infusions is a push-button aromatherapy dispenser built into your Signature hot tub, with a reservoir to hold liquid essences and botanicals formulated for hot tub use. Release soothing aromas into the water at the push of a button, making your hydrotherapy session all the more delicious. Plus, you receive a variety pack of SpaZazz™ liquid essences to get you started.

Signature Ultimate Wi-Fi Transceiver

Wi-Fi transceiver and one year of Cloud service

If you are familiar with “the internet of things,” then you will appreciate this modern amenity. As long as you have a clean, clear Wi-Fi signal, your Signature hot tub will connect to the Cloud using your local Wi-Fi network or Hotspot.** Then, using the BWA app installed on your mobile device, remotely view hot tub temperature and settings, control pumps and lighting and schedule filtration cycles. Great for vacation homes or any situation where remote access is beneficial, such as turning your spa lights on before a nighttime soak. One year of Cloud service is included.

The Marquis Ultimate Towel

Two Ultimate Towels

Made from premium, resort-quality, looped terry cloth. Each large Ultimate Towel is embroidered with the Marquis logo, so you and a partner can dry off in comfort and style and get more of that backyard resort feeling.

Marquis Luther Loon Floating Mascot

Luther Loon floating toy

Luther Loon is Marquis’ beloved ambassador to the hot tub lifestyle. Luther’s favorite pastimes are floating in Marquis hot tubs and welcoming you when it’s time to soak. Plus, he loves having his picture posted to Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Just remember to tag him: @MarquisSpas #LutherLoon

How much does it cost?

For Signature Series hot tub pricing with the Ultimate Package, contact your local Marquis Dealer to request a quote. You are now closer than ever to The Ultimate Hot Tub Experience!™

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*On the Epic, Show, Promise, Reward, Euphoria and Rendezvous models, the Ultimate Package includes the Step I and Storage Bench. On the Wish model, it features the curved Wish Step and Storage Cabinet instead of Storage Bench. On the Resort and Spirit models, it features the curved Resort/Spirit Single Step and Curved Bench (without storage) instead of Storage Bench. On the Rendezvous Discovery, the Ultimate Package is not available.

**Wi-Fi compatible with 3G or 4G Hotspots (both domestic and international) and 2.4GHz 802.11b/g/n Wi-Fi networks broadcasting on channels 1 to 11 (5GHz networks are not supported). For best performance, the hot tub’s Wi-Fi transceiver should be within 10 to 15 feet of your Wi-Fi router or Hotspot. If proximity is an issue, consider moving your Wi-Fi router or Hotspot closer to the hot tub’s Wi-Fi transceiver. Wi-Fi network security settings can be set to open (no security) or WEP/WPA/WPA2. Not compatible with networks or Hotspots requiring a portal or “guest” page to login. Functionality does not include the remote activation of MicroSilk®Wi-Fi Transceiver option available on all Marquis hot tubs manufactured from 2013 onward.

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