Marquis® has launched its 2014 Signature line of hot tubs. And the portable hot tubs manufacturer has a lot of exciting news to share.

“We have experienced incredible growth in 2013 and we are building on that momentum for our brand in 2014,” said Marquis’ President John Schrenk. “Our Marquis Signature products have never looked this great and I’m truly excited for 2014.”

One of the new items for 2014 is MicroSilk®. Microsilk is a system that rejuvenates the skin and Marquis’ use of Microsilk is different from other hot tub brands with this system. MicroSilk has been engineered into Marquis’ SmartClean™ and ConstantClean™ technology for the very best consumer experience. Now consumers can experience the beauty and skin health benefits of MicroSilk with the management of truly pristine water in a hot tub. There’s a video to explain how this system works with Marquis hot tubs at

“The way we have merged Microsilk with SmartClean and ConstantClean, and how they work together, is truly innovative,” said Schrenk. “It really gives the hot tub consumer a one of a kind experience and solution."

A lot of color has been added to the Signature line. The DuraWood™ exterior has exploded with a richness of new colors – Espresso, Ash and Teak. For the interior, there are also three new acrylic colors - Oregon Sunset, Painted Desert, and Pacific Rim. In addition, Marquis’ High Output Therapy, and the H.O.T. Zone™ HK40 and geyser jet, just got a whole lot hotter. These jets now have a new red highlight feature that calls everyone’s attention to the special performance only found in a H.O.T. Zone™ jet.  

The Ultimate Upgrade Package to the Signature line hot tubs has been made even more impressive with the addition of extra long and plush towels and a fragrance gift package to go with Aroma Infusions. In addition, the WiFi transceiver with the Marquis App is now Internet capable and comes with a one year Cloud subscription. This means consumers are now able to check their hot tub’s temperature from anywhere in the world. The control panel font sizes have been increased on Signature, making them easier to read. Plus the top-side controls have been tweaked to better color coordinate varying plastics and textures.

Marquis showed off the 2014 products at Aquanale, in Cologne, Germany, October 22nd to the 25th. The company is also displaying the new model year line-up at the upcoming International Pool/Spa/Patio Expo in Las Vegas, Nevada, November 12th through the 14th.


Owning a Marquis is easy. Choosing one can be the hard part. Answer a few simple questions, give us some information and we can help you choose a model that will fit your lifestyle.

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