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Multipoint LED accent lighting adds beauty, functionality, and fun to your nighttime hydrotherapy experience. Great for relaxation and romance, additional multicolor LED accent lights offer better visibility inside and outside of your spa. Variable color modes and transitions make backyard parties more dynamic, and may offer stress relief benefits related to chromotherapy.

Marquis Crown Collection Hot Tubs Jewel LED Lighting

Crown Collection: Jewel™ LED lighting

Sprinkle extra magic into your nighttime soak with Jewel LED lighting! This beautiful option adds dimmable multicolor LEDs to the spa interior, dimmable white LEDs to the exterior spa corners, and backlighting to the Dynamic Flow Control valves. Create the perfect ambiance and save your favorite presets for next time. Practical benefits include better nighttime visibility and mood-enhancing chromotherapy. Control settings from the MQTouch color touch screen, or add remote control with the optional ControlMySpa™ wireless system and mobile app.

Marquis Vector21 Starlight LED Lighting

Vector21 Series: Starlight™ LED lighting

Transport your Vector21 experience to a higher dimension with optional Starlight LED lighting! Vector21 hot tubs include a multicolor V-shaped LED array, backlit filter skimmers, and variable color modes and transitions. But the Starlight option builds additional multicolor LEDs around the spa interior, and adds accent lighting to each exterior corner. Integrating perfectly with your hot tub’s pop-up water features, Starlight bathes the spa water in an otherworldly glow that your entire crew will enjoy.

Marquis Elite Hot Tubs Twilight LED Lighting

Marquis Elite Series: Twilight™ LED lighting

Upgrade your Elite to VIP status with optional Twilight LED lighting! Twilight multipoint accent lighting builds additional multicolor LEDs to the interior and exterior of the spa, along with variable color modes and transitions. Integrated perfectly with your hot tub’s backlit pop-up water features, Twilight delivers extra glamour to keep your entourage smiling.

Celebrity Hot Tubs™

Optional multipoint accent lighting is not available on Celebrity hot tubs. However, the included spa light is a multicolor LED.

Considering Marquis Elite instead? Other great reasons to consider Elite models include:

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