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Marquis hot tubs are engineered for maximum efficiency and performance. For the best results and to ensure long-term peace of mind, the following spa supplies have been fully tested for compatibility and reliability. Contact your local Marquis Dealer for pricing and availability.

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4 Keys to Water Care


Marquis® Alkalinity Increaser Increases total alkalinity up to the target range of 80 to 140 parts-per-million.
Marquis® Calcium Increaser Increases calcium level to the target range of 150 to 250 parts-per-million. Treats salty, or “soft,” source water and reduces foaming. Avoid overdosing.
Marquis® pH Increaser Raises low pH up to the target range of 7.4 to 7.6 pH.
Marquis® pH & Alkalinity Decreaser A two-in-one product to reduce high pH and high total alkalinity down to their target ranges.


PRODUCTS TO AVOID: Never use dish soap, abrasive cleansers, products containing ammonia (such as glass cleaner), nail polish, ketones or esters such as acetone or ethyl acetate (nail polish remover), methyl salicylate (winter green oil), dry cleaning solution or other organic solvents, lacquer thinners, gasoline, aromatic solvents, citrus cleaners or pine oil. Avoid using razor blades or other sharp instruments that could mar the surface. PLEASE NOTE: Any hot tub damage caused by the use of such products, chemicals, or instruments is not covered under warranty.

Cleaners before draining

Marquis® Jetline Cleaner Loosens minor buildup in the plumbing system. Use between draining cycles to prevent problems before they happen, or as a system purge just prior to draining.
Marquis® Ultimate Cleanse Purge Gel A stronger cleanser for removing thicker buildup in the plumbing system. Allows for deep cleaning of plumbing lines prior to draining.

Cleaners after draining

303 Cover Protectant After cleaning a Duracover® vinyl spa cover and allowing it to dry, spray on and wipe off to protect thread and seams from drying out and cracking.
303 Fabric Guard After cleaning a Weathershield™ fabric spa cover and allowing it to dry, spray onto fabric and let dry. Renews water-resistant properties and helps water to bead and run off the cover.
Marquis® Gloss and Guard Silicone-based product to shine and protect interior acrylic surfaces.
Marquis® Rapid Action Filter Cleaner Removes buildup and increases the lifespan of filters. Spray onto filters after removing them from the hot tub and rinse with water. Or, soak filters in a bucket of diluted solution overnight, and air dry thoroughly before reinstalling. (Do not spray in close proximity to hot tub acrylic or exterior surfaces.)
Marquis® Spa Bright All-Purpose Cleaner Cleans the interior acrylic of your hot tub (especially at the water line) as well as the cabinet exterior. Also useful for cleaning Marquis Environments® and other patio furniture. When cleaning Weathershield fabric spa covers, rinse the cover with water afterward.
Marquis® Vinyl Cover Cleaner Cleans the hot tub Duracover (vinyl spa cover) and creates a protective layer against sun damage.

Cleaners after refilling (if needed)

Marquis® Metal and Stain Remover If necessary, use on spa startup to treat iron and other heavy metals present in your local water supply. Helps to prevent acrylic shell stains and hazy water.
Marquis® Naturally Clear Enzyme If necessary, emulsifies and biodegrades organic contaminants before they affect your sanitizer. Compatible with ozonator systems and ConstantClean+.
Marquis® Ultimate Maintenance If necessary, keeps your water clear of build-up and organic scum accumulation and improves sanitizer efficiency.
Marquis® Water Clarifier If necessary, sequesters and groups dissolved solids, making them large enough to be captured by the filter.


For Marquis hot tubs equipped with in-line sanitation (see ConstantClean+), Marquis-approved mineral (or conditioning) cartridges are available from your local Marquis Dealer.1


If your local water supply contains sediment, or has a total hardness above 250 parts-per-million (ppm), you can purchase a pre-filter attachment for your garden hose to use when filling your hot tub. (For information about Marquis replacement filters for the hot tub filtration system, go here.)

Marquis® Pura-Fill 5-Stage Pre-Filter Designed to remove sediment and reduce calcium and other mineral content. Recommended if your local water supply has a total hardness above 250 ppm.
Marquis® Pre-Fill Filter Designed to remove sediment only.


A variety of Marquis-approved sanitizers are available depending on the country where you live, which type of sanitizer you prefer, and whether or not your hot tub is equipped with in-line sanitation.

Bromine More stable in hot water than traditional chlorine and is available worldwide. Dispensing methods include: slow-release Marquis® brominating tablets, floating cartridge systems, and automated in-line sanitation cartridges (see ConstantClean+). Marquis recommends the 200 gram cartridge, which lasts about four weeks and is color-coded green in the USA and Canada. The 150 gram cartridge lasts about three weeks and is available worldwide.
Chlorine (dichlor) Has been in use the longest and is available worldwide for use in hot tubs and pools. Use Marquis® Chlorinating Granules which are available in three different package sizes. (CAUTION: Never use “trichlor” sanitizers in a Marquis hot tub.)
SmartChlor® A newly EPA-approved sanitizer formulated for hot tub use (USA only). Due to its unique chemical structure, SmartChlor is able to regenerate itself at lower concentrations, remaining effective longer than standard chlorine. It is only dispensable in cartridge form, either in a floating system or an automated in-line sanitation system. Marquis recommends the silver color-coded cartridge in combination with the compatible mineral cartridge as used in ConstantClean+.


Marquis recommends oxidizing, or “shocking,” your spa water on a weekly basis. This reduces the concentration of organic dissolved solids and helps to keep spa water crystal clear, odorless, and feeling silky, fresh and clean.

Marquis® 1-Step Brominating Concentrate Granules Two-in-one shock and bromine booster for bromine-based systems. May be used as a leave-behind after each hydrotherapy session throughout the week. Avoid overdosing. When shocking before hydrotherapy, allow sufficient time for sanitizer level testing/balancing according to the product instructions.
Marquis® Chlorinating Granules Dual-purpose sanitizer and shock for chlorine-based systems. May be used as a leave-behind after each hydrotherapy session throughout the week. Avoid overdosing. When shocking before hydrotherapy, allow sufficient time for sanitizer level testing/balancing according to the product instructions.
Marquis® Non-Chlorine Shock Oxidizer  The preferred method of weekly shocking for bromine, chlorine, or SmartChlor systems. Gentle and non-smelling. When shocking before hydrotherapy, allow sufficient time for sanitizer level testing/balancing according to the product instructions.


A variety of test strips are available to monitor your water chemistry. For accuracy and ease of use, select the test strips that match your sanitizer and how it is dispensed. For example, if you use bromine tablets or chlorine (dichlor) granules, a six-in-one test strip should suffice. Your Marquis Dealer can help you select the right test strip for your system, or you may use the following guide:

Tablets or granules Six-in-one test strips n/a Six-in-one test strips

In-line sanitation or floating-cartridge systems2

  • Frog® Serene® Test Strips
  • Total hardness test strips
Frog @ease® Test Strips n/a


Your local Marquis Dealer is a bona fide water care expert with a keen understanding of your local water supply. In addition to testing your water samples, they can recommend the right Marquis-approved products to keep your water balanced, crystal clear, and feeling great, as well as cleansers to protect the long-term performance and beauty of your hot tub.

Use two clean water bottles, one for each of the following samples: 1) A water-supply sample from your water source, and 2) a mid-depth sample of your hot tub water. Seal each sample tightly, label each one, and bring the samples to your nearest Marquis Dealer for testing.

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1In-line "mineral" cartridges are sold in the United States. In-line "conditioning" cartridges are sold outside of the United States. Contact your local Marquis Dealer for pricing and availability.

2In the United States, bromine in-line sanitation or floating cartridge systems include a “mineral” cartridge with colloidal silver, which is not compatible with six-in-one test strips. Outside of the United States, a “conditioning” cartridge without colloidal silver is used, which is compatible with six-in-one test strips.



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