Marquis hot tubs are engineered for maximum efficiency and performance. For best results, and to ensure long-term peace of mind, a variety of Marquis-approved products have been fully tested for compatibility and reliability. Contact your local Marquis Dealer for pricing and availability.

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Protecting bathers is the most important aspect of water care. Sanitizers eliminate bacteria and viruses and come in several types, including bromine cartridges, brominating tablets, chlorine cartridges and chlorinating granules. Shock oxidizers remove organic waste and reduce dissolved solids. And a variety of other products are available to maintain balanced water chemistry. These include: test strips, alkalinity increaser, pH increaser, pH and alkalinity decreaser and calcium increaser. Following a regular maintenance program is the single most effective way to keep the water clean and avoid problems. Your local Marquis Dealer is your best resource for guidance. 


Marquis Dealers offers many products to help keep your hot tub and cover in amazing, 'like new' condition. These include:

  • Hot tub acrylic cleaners
  • Hot tub all-purpose interior/exterior cleaners
  • Vinyl cover cleaners
  • Metal and stain remover
  • Jetline cleaner 

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Filtration is the process of removing suspended solids, dirt, oils and other impurities from the water. It’s a critical process to keep water clean and clear, and is often overlooked by some hot tub owners. Regular maintenance is required to keep optimum filter performance. Marquis Dealers offer products to keep you ahead of the game so your filters always work as needed. Regardless of where you live, source water will usually contain impurities that must be addressed. These include metals, minerals and phosphates. People bring additional impurities in the form of natural body oils, perspiration, various types of cosmetics and soaps used to wash their bathing suits. Available products include:

  • Filter cleaners
  • Water clarifiers
  • Enzymes

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