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Hot Tub Water Treatment


When it comes to pristine water care Marquis® hot tubs represent the gold standard, delivering the most elegant and efficient water management system on the market. Consequently, you may be wondering: “Does this mean I can basically ignore my spa water altogether?”

Marquis Hot Tub Water Treatment


Every hot tub in the world requires basic water testing and balancing each week, along with periodic draining and cleaning a few times per year. Just like the family car, your spa will perform better and last longer when you follow a consistent maintenance routine. Fortunately, owning a Marquis makes it as convenient as possible. Simply follow these four keys to hot tub water care:


  • When filling the spa for the first time (or after a drain and clean), make sure the pump plug and the gravity drain are CLOSED.1
  • Verify the shut-off valves (or, "slice valves") are OPEN.1
  • If your local water source is prone to hard water, use a five-stage pre-filter garden hose attachment when filling. (Available from your local Marquis Dealer.)
  • Fill the spa until its water line reaches about two thirds of the way up the skimmer opening.


  • Set your desired water temperature in the range of 60 to 104 degrees Fahrenheit (16 to 40°C). Follow the directions in your Owner’s Manual, especially during extremely cold weather.
  • The default filtration cycle is one hour twice per day, plus an automatic 30-minute clean-up cycle after each hydrotherapy session. If necessary, increase the length of filtration cycles according to your spa usage habits and bather load.




Over time, microscopic particles (or, “dissolved organic compounds”) may accumulate in spa water. Shock oxidizer (or, “spa shock”) breaks these down and removes them.

  • Benefits include: Boosted sanitizer efficiency, improved water texture and clarity, and less opportunity for foaming issues. Gentle and non-smelling Marquis® Non-Chlorine Shock Oxidizer is great for weekly use, or may be used more often according to your spa usage habits and bather load.

Typically, it is best to add spa shock after a hydrotherapy session, and allow sufficient time for it to circulate with the cover off. Before entering the spa, check water balance and sanitizer level. Other product options include: Marquis® 1-Step Brominating Concentrate Granules for bromine systems, or Marquis® Chlorinating Granules for chlorine systems.

  • Is your hot tub equipped with an ozonator? If so, adding spa shock on a weekly basis is still beneficial, but a lesser amount of spa shock may be used thanks to the work of the ozonator. How so? After passing through the filtration system and heater, filtered water flows past the ozonator’s Mazzei® injector where it mixes with ozone gas (O3). Microbes are neutralized and dissolved organic compounds are oxidized. As the water re-enters the spa, any residual ozone reverts back into oxygen (O2) and the process repeats itself. Thus, sharing the workload of oxidation helps to conserve your spa shock usage.


Your local Marquis Dealer is a bona fide water care expert with a keen understanding of your local water supply. In addition to testing your water samples, they can recommend the right Marquis-approved products to keep your water balanced, crystal clear, and feeling great. Marquis water care products have been fully tested for compatibility and reliability, ensuring the best results and long-term peace of mind.

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1European Holiday Park hot tubs have a gravity drain about the size of a garden hose. In addition, they may have a large-diameter gravity drain equipped with a slice valve. If so, this drain slice valve should be CLOSED to keep water in the spa.


Owning a Marquis is easy. Choosing one can be the hard part. Answer a few simple questions, give us some information and we can help you choose a model that will fit your lifestyle.

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