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It's always nice to have options, especially when it adds extra amenity, functionality or convenience to your hot tub experience. For pricing and availability of options, accessories or hot tub supplies, please contact your local Marquis Dealer.

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Marquis 240V Performance Upgrade


On selected 120 volt hot tubs (North America), this optional upgrade replaces the standard 120 GPM (454 LPM) pump with a higher flow rate 160 GPM (606 LPM) pump. In addition, it upgrades the minimum electrical service requirements to 240 volts and 30 amps, and is also compatible with 50 amp service. Eligible models include:

Marquis hot tub audio options


Great for hot tub parties, outdoor dining, relaxation and music therapy, the audio option builds an audio receiver, twin speakers, and a subwoofer into your hot tub. Featuring Bluetooth connectivity, stream your favorite music, internet radio and more from your mobile device.

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ControlMySpa Wireless Connectivity for Marquis Hot Tubs


Remotely control your Marquis hot tub using the ControlMySpa app installed on your Apple or Android device.* Enjoy remote monitoring of your hot tub's water temperature and settings. Control pumps and lighting, schedule filtration cycles, and turn on MicroSilk (on equipped models). Ideal for vacation homes or any situation where remote access is beneficial, such as turning on your spa lights and therapy jets before a nighttime soak.

*The ControlMySpa (CMS) system includes a CMS Gateway module installed inside the Marquis hot tub, and a CMS Home Side RF module connected to your home Internet router. The maximum distance between the Gateway module and Home Side RF module is 300 feet (91 meters). Also requires the ControlMySpa app installed on an Apple (iOS) or Android device connected to the Internet, and a registered ControlMySpa user account. (The app is free to download and there are no monthly Cloud service fees.) ControlMySpa is an available option on all Marquis hot tubs manufactured from 2021 and beyond. The system is also compatible with older Marquis hot tubs manufactured from 2013 and beyond, and may be installed by a qualified spa technician.

Marquis DuraCovers and Cover Lifts


Covers: A premium hot tub cover is included with your new Marquis hot tub purchase. Replacement covers are available through your local Marquis Dealer. Marquis DuraCovers® and (Crown) Weathershield covers comply with the Marquis spa-shell warranty, reduce heat loss to save you money on electric bills, and protect your spa from sun damage and debris. (Please note: Due to high demand, some replacement covers have limited availability. Please contact your nearest Marquis Dealer for more information.)

Cover lifts: Take it easy on yourself with an optional cover lift. Designed to fit your Marquis hot tub, a cover lift makes it easier to open and close your hot tub cover. Some cover lift designs mount directly to the spa or a surrounding deck, while others are supported by a base that slides underneath the spa. Depending on the model, the cover lift may require extra clearance on one or more sides of the hot tub. Marquis only sells quality cover lifts made from corrosion-resistant, powder-coated aluminum.

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Marquis Vector21 Hot Tub Environments


Marquis Environments™ add functionality and amenity to your hot tub area. The perfect complement to your Marquis hot tub, sharing its color palette and design cues. Depending on which hot tub model you select, a selection of steps and benches may be combined to achieve a custom look. Select benches also provide extra storage.

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Marquis hot tubs full-foam insulation


Keeping cold air away from a hot tub’s interior reduces heat loss and saves money on electric bills. Insulation also solidifies the overall construction and helps the spa to run quieter.

  • Crown Collection: Standard feature on all models.
  • Vector21 Series: Optional upgrade to the standard foam over plumbing on all models.
  • Marquis Elite Series: Optional upgrade to the standard foam over plumbing on all models. (Pictured: Monaco Elite)
  • Celebrity Hot Tubs: Upgrade not available. Standard foam over plumbing on all models.

Marquis Chemicals and Hot Tub Supplies


Taking care of your Marquis hot tub has never been easier thanks to our low-maintenance hot tub supplies. Options include manually-dispensed sanitizer crystals and floats, or replacement cartridges for Marquis' automated in-line sanitation system. Self-contained in-line cartridges are easy to load, using natural minerals and a choice of bromine or chlorine to treat your water so it is safe and clean. Simply set the amount of chemicals to release based on your hot tub usage and your hot tub will be ready to enjoy when it is time to relax.

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Always use genuine Marquis filters to keep your hot tub in tip-top shape. Marquis filters match the increased flow rate and pressure of the Marquis filtration system. Engineering and testing resulted in a selection of filters that effectively trap organic debris until you are ready to remove and clean your filters. Designed for easy access, Marquis filters use an antimicrobial-treated material that makes your water-care-maintenance routine a breeze.

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Marquis in-line sanitation and ozonator with Mazzei injection


On selected Marquis hot tubs, add one or both of these sanitation options to add convenience and share the workload of water care. When combined in ConstantClean+, they help to reduce the concentration of sanitizer chemicals in your spa water.

  • Crown Collection: Standard on all models.
  • Vector21 Series: Optional on all models.
  • Marquis Elite Series: Optional on all models.
  • Celebrity Hot Tubs: Optional on all models (2020 and newer).

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Marquis hot tub lighting options


This elegant option adds additional multipoint LED lighting to the spa interior, accent lights on the spa exterior, as well as variable color modes and transitions. Improve nighttime visibility, enhance the beauty of your spa, and supplement stress relief and relaxation.

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Marquis hot tubs MicroSilk option


MicroSilk is beneficial for skin health and beauty treatments, and has been described as “an oxygen facial for your entire body.” It may also help to relieve the symptoms of certain skin conditions, such as eczema and psoriasis.

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Marquis Stainless Steel Jet Faces


While stainless steel jet faces do not affect the performance of your hot tub, they do give it a more premium look. Stainless steel jet faces are standard on the Crown Collection, Signature, Vector21 and Marquis Elite Series. Optional on Celebrity Hot Tubs.


Pumps are the heart of a hot tub and contribute directly to the hydrotherapy experience. On selected one-pump models, a second (or, auxiliary) pump may be added to enhance hot tub performance. Eligible models include:

  • Vector21 Series: V77L
  • Marquis Elite Series: Broadway Elite
  • Celebrity Hot Tubs: Not available

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Contact your authorized dealer to discuss your best options for the cleanest water, replacement chemicals or how to custom create your environment.

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