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"We purchased an e-Series 322 about one month ago and absolutely LOVE it. We use it every day and it does wonders for our sore back and other muscles. We live in Southern Colorado at 7250 feet and the tub is wonderful for us in our location. Thanks for making the perfect hot tub for us."
– Lee and Terri

"Hot Tub 'Magic'! With being down in the back and flat for a week the diagnoses was a bulging disc. What to do! The answer was surgery and I related a big NO. Decided to purchase a hot tub and with a small deck chose the triangle Marquis. The installers were 'genius' in getting the tub to my deck. Small home and a challenging deck position. Have used the tub almost every night for 2 years. Sleeping better and while in the tub believe water exercises have been a big part of back becoming stronger and the pain being diminished."
– Anonymous

"I was spending $200 to $300 a month on massages to help with old sports injuries. Went golfing with a friend and he had a spa at his house. After 36 holes… 15 min in the spa felt great. Started shopping for a spa and decided on a marquis spa. Best money I ever spent. I use it year round, its 15 min of heaven every day."
– Dan

"We have had our Marquis Spa for 4 years now. I am a massage therapist and my husband is a contractor. We both have physically demanding jobs and work long hours. The spa was probably the single best purchase we ever made. We use it every day to unwind, relax and soothe our tired muscles. My husband recently underwent shoulder surgery and has been out of work for almost 6 months. He has a fused lower back which was successful but leaves him stiff and painful most mornings. The spa allows him to get that moist heat and then he goes through a series of slow stretches and limbering exercises. 20 minutes later he is loose and able to get ready for whatever job he has lined up. Yesterday he got a big thumbs up from his physical therapist and he'll be back to work in 4 weeks...almost good as new again. The spa has been part of his rehab but after he starts working again it will be the thing that will keep him going. I use the spa every morning to loosen my forearms and back."
– Renee

"What a difference it makes in how relaxed I feel. I also sleep better now. Love my Marquis so much, I’m having a sun room built so I can use my tub no matter what the weather is doing."
– Jo-Ellen E

"We no longer find it necessary to take something to help us sleep - 30 minutes in our Marquis Spa is all it takes!!"
– Susan B

"I have reduced pain meds by 75% since the installation of my Marquis hot tub. As a long time sufferer from Fibromyalgia, I have found my new hot tub to render me pain free in the morning and evening. I am also sleeping better and much less stressed! Best investment I have made for my own self-care!!"
– Laura M

"After a few weeks using my Marquis I noticed that I did not have to go to the chiropractor nearly as often."
– Jim L

"Our Marquis spa has done a tremendous job of mitigating the symptoms of Parkinson’s, brought tremendous comfort and has greatly improved my physical health."
– Linda C

"I was diagnosed with chronic fatigue and fibromyalgia in 1992. My doctor suggested that a spa would help my condition. I felt dramatically better after a short time of using it."
– Nadene C

"The Spa has improved my mental health: it gives me and my spouse a quiet place, away from phone, TV and pets, outside under the stars, where we can talk. It is a place we can go with our grown children, away from their cell phones and tablets, where we can just talk. This has been a real blessing for us!"
– Mitch M

"Thanks Marquis, what a great product! I will be recommending not only hydrotherapy but Marquis in particular to my patients here in the mountains."
– Lisa F, MD


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