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The Crown Collection


The all-new Crown Collection by Marquis® is a masterpiece of innovation. It combines our most advanced therapy features and luxury amenities into the most elegant and flexible hydromassage system on the market.

Born from our award-winning Signature Series, with the best therapy features from our innovative Vector21 Series, the Crown Collection is an entirely new system architecture. Plus, revolutionary new features like our patented Dynamic Flow Control valve, and Regal Hydrokinetic™ (RHK™) therapy jets. We invite you to watch the following video to learn more.


After watching the video, feel free to explore each Crown model individually. Or, scroll down to continue reading. 



  • Bluetooth Audio System with twin speakers and a subwoofer. Streaming audio can be controlled directly from the hot tub’s MQTouch™ color touch screen.
  • Jewel™ Lighting with dimmable multicolor LEDs in the spa interior, and dimmable white LEDs on the exterior spa corners. Also adds backlighting to the Dynamic Flow Control valve.
  • MicroSilk® oxygen skin health and beauty system for luxurious spa treatments.
  • MicroSilk freeze sensor offers extreme weather protection for the MicroSilk pump in colder climates.
  • Environments entry steps and benches share the Crown color palette and same durable, all-weather materials. Choices include: Step I, Step II, Step II Hinged, Resort/Spirit Bench, and 48-inch Storage Bench.
  • ControlMySpa® wireless system for remote control of water temperature, pumps, filtration settings, lighting, and MicroSilk (on equipped models). Compatible with Apple and Android devices connected to the Internet.
  • Cover Companion cover lift for easier opening and closing of the hot tub cover.
  • Ultimate Experience Tote with two plush Marquis embroidered towels, two insulated tumblers, and a Luther Loon floating toy.


Due to high demand, Marquis Dealers are accepting new orders on a first-come, first-served basis. Authorized Marquis Dealers should have a selection of models on display within the first or second quarter of 2021. For pricing and availability, please request a quote from your local Marquis Dealer.

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 Marquis Crown Collection Regal Whitewater-4 Jet


Our high-flow low-pressure system optimizes water flow by minimizing turbulence between the pumps and jets. We push more water, rather than relying on lower volumes with higher pressure. As a result, you experience a deeper muscle-tissue penetration without causing skin discomfort. In other words, "High-flow, no sting!" Driven by our highest flow rate pumps, Crown Collection hot tubs feature impressive flow rates to the jets for the ultimate hydromassage experience.


  • Our new Regal Hydrokinetic (RHK) jets deliver massive flow volumes in three distinct sensations: Target Touch jets provide a directional water flow targeting precise areas of the body. Pulse Touch jets gently massage underlying tissue with rotating swirls of water. Multi-Touch jets create a broader massage sensation for large muscle areas.
  • Dynamic Flow Control valves are powerfully simple. Turning the lever towards red activates the red H.O.T. Zone jets. Turning it towards blue activates the blue jets. Anywhere in between activates all the jets in your seat. Plus, an intuitive air control dials in the perfect sensation.
  • H.O.T. Zones: High-Output Therapy™ Zones target specific zones of the body with clusters of deep-tissue RHK-40. Like the weighty palms of a skilled masseuse, H.O.T. Zones are ideal for tight muscle groups in need of something extra. Dynamic Flow Control valves are located near each H.O.T. Zone seat, so you can easily dial in the perfect level of intensity.
  • The Regal Whitewater-4™ jet delivers everything from gentle foot massage to an exhilarating eruption of leg and foot therapy. Up to 65 gallons-per-minute (246 LPM) of water flow! (Available on the Crown Summit, Crown Epic, Crown Euphoria, and Crown Resort.)
  • Specialized Massage Seats offer flexibility and variety. The Deep-Tissue Massage Seat or lounge (with Target Touch jets) delivers a focused stream of water ideal for chronic pain or active lifestyles. The Shiatsu Massage Seat (with rotating Pulse Touch jets) helps you relax and rebalance. Thanks to gentle, persistent massage, the Relaxation Massage Seat (with Multi-Touch jets) is a peaceful location to re-center. And the Swedish Massage Seat or lounge combines deep-tissue massage with a variety of sensations for all-in-one therapy.


ConstantClean+ is the most efficient and convenient water management system on the market. Standard on all Crown Collection hot tubs, it cleans more water volume in far less time: Up to 51 times per day in only 2-1/2 hours!1

Features & Benefits:

  • High-flow Vortex filtration removes debris from top-to-bottom.
  • Automated in-line sanitation and ozonator thoroughly cleans and refreshes the water. Compatible with Bromine, Chlorine, or Smartchlor (USA) cartridges, and mineral (or conditioning) cartridges.
  • SmartClean™ software automatically schedules cleaning cycles twice per day. It senses when you use your hot tub, and automatically schedules a cleanup cycle after each use. Once your water levels are balanced, the system basically runs on autopilot. Simply test your water levels periodically, and make minor adjustments if needed. That’s it!

The entire system is highly efficient, requiring less chemical use and longer periods between draining and refilling. Truly, the ultimate in safe, clean water.

1Comparison based on a 350-gallon hot tub with a 24/7 low-flow circulation pump, versus a Marquis Crown hot tub with dual-speed 240 GPM (909 LPM) primary pump running at low speed (120 GPM/ 454 LPM).


Crown Collection hot tubs can help to improve your quality of life, and your skin health too! MicroSilk® is like giving your entire body an oxygen facial. This advanced therapy feature is optional on every Crown model. Everyone who adds MicroSilk loves it!

Features & Benefits of MicroSilk:

  • Billions of microbubbles envelope your body in an oxygen-infused cloud, promoting blood circulation, hydration and exfoliation.
  • Water oxygen levels are up to 70% higher than tap water, transporting dissolved oxygen to the skin.
  • Microbubbles provide a soothing, effervescent sensation that feels luxurious.
  • Reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.
  • May provide relief from symptoms of eczema and psoriasis.


Marquis Dealers should have a selection of Crown Collection models on display within the first or second quarter of 2021. In the meantime, dealers are accepting new orders on a first-come, first-served basis. For questions regarding hot tub pricing, availability, financing, configuration, delivery, or installation, please contact your nearest authorized Marquis Dealer.



Owning a Marquis is easy. Choosing one can be the hard part. Answer a few simple questions, give us some information and we can help you choose a model that will fit your lifestyle.

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