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Marquis® hydrotherapy is founded on the principles of good health and wellness. So naturally, safety is an essential quality of Marquis products. From the most basic to the most fully-featured configuration, Marquis hot tubs share multiple layers of best-in-class safety features, going above and beyond what other brands have to offer. This commitment to safety has much do with Marquis' global reputation for worry-free ownership.

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Marquis Hot Tub Safety Covers


At first glance, a spa cover conserves energy, protects spa acrylic from UV damage and abrasion, and keeps debris out of the water. But most importantly, it helps to safeguard children and small pets.1 A high-quality Marquis DuraCover® comes standard with every new hot tub purchase and features a variety of built-in safety measures, including:

  • Tie-down straps, key safety locks, and triple-reinforced fasteners to prevent unwanted cover removal. For even more security, accessory High-Wind Straps (Marquis #20752) are available through your local Marquis Dealer.
  • Tapered profile allows rain and standing water to drain quickly.
  • Embedded galvanized-steel C-channel support resists drooping or buckling from snow or ice.
  • Tested and certified to meet or exceed ASTM F1346-91 safety specifications, and carries an ASTM Certificate of Product Compliance by Smith-Emery Laboratories. UL-approved.

For added safety and convenience, Marquis offers accessory cover lifts to support the DuraCover’s weight and make it easier to maneuver. A cover lift is especially helpful for petite adults or those who find it difficult to lift 25 pounds (11 kg) or more. A variety of designs are available to accommodate different hot tub sizes or installation scenarios, and selected lifts feature hydraulic shock assistance for even easier movement.1

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While electrical service to your hot tub site is under the jurisdiction of local building codes and the expertise of a licensed electrician, Marquis hot tubs are designed to anticipate a variety of scenarios to provide safe and reliable operation. In this regard, Marquis hot tubs meet or exceed both of the following:

  • UL1563 Standard for Electric Spas, Equipment Assemblies and Associated Equipment
  • CSA C22 No.218-M89(R2006) Standard for Spas, Hot Tubs and Associated Equipment

Marquis single-pump 110/120V hot tubs (often referred to as “plug-n-play”) are popular because they can be plugged into a standard electrical outlet. Safety standards require the outlet to be located at least five feet away from the spa without using any extension cords. Marquis goes one step further by including a 15-foot heavy-duty power cable with an integrated Ground Fault Circuit Interrupt (GFCI). This offers safe, flexible and convenient operation and even easier installation.2

 Hot Tub Safety Features - Ergonomics


Ergonomics refer to a product’s physical ease of use and comfort. Marquis believes safety is an important aspect of hot tub ergonomics, including the ability to enter and exit the spa safely. With this in mind, Marquis internal hot tub steps are designed according to ANSI/APSP/ICC-6 safety stair specifications. The footwell area features a textured pattern for non-slip traction, and also provides foot reflexology benefits once you are seated. Additional ergonomic safety features include:

  • Standard LED lighting for good visibility inside the hot tub, and optional multipoint LED accent lighting for even better exterior visibility and beauty at night.
  • The topside control panel, which controls pumps and other settings, faces inward toward the bather to avoid neck or shoulder strain so you don't have to read upside down.

Safety is equally important when it comes to accessories surrounding a hot tub. Marquis is the only hot tub brand to offer a complete line of hot tub surround modules. Environments™ are made from heavy-duty weather-proof materials, and include hot tub steps and entry benches. Environments steps comply with the rise, run and width standards of the U.S. National Building Code. Step treads are made from 1-inch thick composite decking, which retains traction even when wet. And as an added safety feature, adjustable mounting brackets are included to secure steps to the hot tub cabinet or to an adjacent module. This combination of ergonomic design and sturdy construction offers far more safety than cheap plastic steps sold by other hot tub brands.

Hot Tub Safety Features - Suction Safety


Marquis hot tubs employ a combination of safety features to avoid the risk of “suction entrapment.” Suction entrapment would occur if hair or other body parts became caught, or entrapped, by the suction power of the filtration system, potentially causing injury or posing a drowning risk.

Marquis hot tubs avoid this risk by sharing the suction of the high-flow filtration system between one or more safety suction fittings in the footwell, combined with one or more surface skimmers. Each safety suction fitting features a safety guard4 designed to avoid hair entanglement, and surface skimmers have been tested to ensure long hair does not become entrapped. Even so, Marquis goes one step further.

Each Marquis safety suction fitting features a Safety Vacuum Release System (SVRS). SVRS is a supplementary vacuum-brake assembly connected to each suction fitting that serves as a redundant safety feature. In the unlikely event a suction fitting is blocked, SVRS releases suction at the fitting by introducing air into the suction line. This also prevents excessive suction at adjacent fittings or skimmer intakes. As a result, Marquis hot tubs meet or exceed both of the following:

  • ANSI/APSP-7 Standards for Suction Entrapment Avoidance
  • Virginia Graeme Baker Pool and Spa Safety Act (VGB 2008)


Marquis employs a variety of safety features to ensure optimal equipment safety and bather comfort. For example, the hot tub’s control system and water heater are integrated before the pump's intake rather than after its outlet. This ensures water temperature is measured before kinetic heat energy is introduced by water friction as it exits the pump. Having this "true temperature" reading avoids overheating the water and the pump. In addition, the two sensors inside the heater assembly monitor the temperature difference between incoming and outgoing water flow. If the outgoing water temperature is too high, the control system will turn off the heater and the pump to prevent equipment damage, as well as to protect the comfort of any bathers present.

The same safety feature would apply if system water flow was restricted. Rather than continuing to heat water trapped inside the heater assembly, or allowing the pump to labor to the point of overheating, the control system would automatically shut off the heater and the pump. To avoid the risk of flow restriction in the first place, Marquis hot tubs include slice-valve “keepers,” simple attachments which prevent slice valves from closing inadvertently due to gravity or suction.3

Hot Tub Safety Features - Water Safety


Maintaining safe water quality is a hallmark of Marquis hot tubs. Every model employs a superior water management system called ConstantClean™ with SmartClean™, and the majority of Marquis hot tubs offer an enhanced version called ConstantClean+™. ConstantClean filters the entire water volume of the spa 34 times per day on average, running for only 2-1/2 hours.5 The automated sanitation processes of ConstantClean+ oxidize and sanitize the water to neutralize and destroy bacteria and waterborne microbes, slowly dosing sanitizer to maintain safe water while consuming less chemicals than other hot tub brands.6

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Purchasing a Marquis hot tub provides access to your local Marquis Dealer, a bona fide expert in hot tub installation, maintenance and other safety considerations. Before preparing your hot tub site, you should discuss the following topics with your Marquis Dealer and a licensed electrician:

  • Local construction codes and electrical service requirements.
  • Serviceability of equipment present and underground obstructions, such as gas, water, and telephone lines.
  • Visibility of the spa installation from the home, street, and neighbors.
  • Safety measures such as fences and locks.

Yes, safety is one of countless reasons why Marquis has earned a reputation for delivering The Ultimate Hot Tub Experience!™ To get answers to all of your questions, including hot tub pricing and financing information, scheduling a test soak and more, contact your local Marquis Dealer to get started.

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1There is no substitute for responsible adult supervision. At no time should children have unsupervised access to a pool or spa. In accordance with good safety habits, children should not be allowed to climb onto the spa cover or maneuver the cover lift. Always verify the spa is vacant and lock the child-resistant cover locks after using the spa. As recommended by the Pool & Hot Tub Alliance®, make sure your pool or spa is protected with locked doors and/or gates to keep out small children and animals when you are not there.

2Please see owner’s manuals for complete and accurate specifications, as well as consult with your Marquis Dealer prior to installation. Marquis single-pump 110/120V hot tubs are sold in North and Central America.

3Keepers are recommended any time slice valves are meant to be in the open position. If the keepers were removed when your hot tub was installed, please request them from your local Marquis Dealer at no charge.

4Never operate a spa if a suction guard is broken or missing. Never replace a suction guard with one rated less than the flow rate marked on the original suction guard. Suction guards in the spa are sized to match the specific water flow created by the pump. Should the need arise to replace the suction guard(s) or the pump, be sure that the flow rates are compatible.

5Example based on a Marquis 350-gallon spa (1,325 litres) with the dual-speed 160 GPM (606 LPM) primary pump running at low speed (80 GPM/ 303 LPM) and using factory default filtration settings. Results may vary based on bather load and individual spa usage habits.

6ConstantClean+ includes an automated dual-cartridge in-line sanitation system and an ozonator with Mazzei® injection. This does not replace the need for regular water testing and balancing to maintain proper water chemistry and sanitizer levels.


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