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Standard on Marquis Signature and Crown Collection hot tubs, experience the clear, bright and responsive MQTouch™ color touch screen. Get complete spa control from one easy-to-use interface, and open the door to even more functionality!

Benefits include:

  • Simple and powerful: Featuring a capacitive touch interface similar to a smartphone, the vivid color display is easy to see in both daylight and low light. Intuitive picture icons make navigation a breeze. Access the full range of hot tub settings, such as temperature, lighting, pump controls, filtration cycles and more.
  • Oriented for you: Prefer to read right-side up? Whether you are inside or outside the hot tub, one tap allows you to invert (or flip) the MQTouch display, digitally rotating the screen orientation 180 degrees so you can easily view hot tub settings, informational messages, maintenance reminders and system warnings.
  • Spa-approved: Manufactured without any internal voids in the display, MQTouch is specifically designed for hot tubs. It is impervious to water splashes and environmental conditions and is covered by the manufacturer's warranty.
  • Ready to relax or rock out: Love music? Have a Bluetooth-enabled mobile device? Add the optional Bluetooth Audio System with twin speakers and a subwoofer, and use the MQTouch interface to control audio playback and volume while you soak. Stream your favorite music, internet radio, and more!
  • Beauty-minded: Add the optional MicroSilk® skin and beauty treatment system, and use MQTouch to activate the silky-smooth benefits of oxygen skin therapy.
  • Tech-savvy: Add the optional ControlMySpa™ wireless system, and access the full range of available hot tub settings from your mobile device using the ControlMySpa app for Apple (iOS) or Android. Remotely control water temperature, pumps, filtration schedules, lighting and MicroSilk (on equipped models).


Owning a Marquis is easy. Choosing one can be the hard part. Answer a few simple questions, give us some information and we can help you choose a model that will fit your lifestyle.

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