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Hot Tub Filters by Marquis

To keep your Marquis hot tub in tip top shape; always use genuine Marquis hot tub filters. The filters for a Marquis were designed around the flow and pressure of a Marquis hot tub. Engineering and testing resulted in a pairing of filters that work hard to pull out organics and trap them in the pleats of the filter where they may be easily cleaned the next time you remove your filter. Easy access and antimicrobial treated material will make cleaning and routine water care maintenance a breeze.

Marquis Hot Tub Filters with antimicrobial treatment

What is antimicrobial treatment? Genuine Marquis hot tub filters are treated with a layer of antimicrobial material which inhibits mold, mildew and bacterial growth. Used in hospitals and nursing homes to prevent bacterial growth, this protective layer results in easy water care and water maintenance. Keep your filters free of debris for the benefit of all of your hot tub components, resulting in less stress for pumps, heaters and other components.

Size Matters with Hot Tub Filters

Some companies use up to five filters to manage their hot tub water, resulting in high replacement costs. Depending on which spa you select, Marquis hot tubs feature one or two filters, with either 35- or 50-square-foot media. This offers the perfect balance of thorough filtration and low cost when the time comes to replace a filter or buy extras. There are no extra bags, pockets or two-part filters needed. The size of the filters was designed to perfectly match the increased water flow and filtration pressure of Marquis hot tubs.  

Choose Genuine Marquis Filters

Don’t skimp on the filter for your hot tub. There are plenty of inferior knock-off products on the market that may seem cheaper at first. But they could result in long-term damage to vital components. Some filter manufacturers do not use the same process to coat the filter media with antimicrobial treatment, which could potentially clog up the filtration system. Some do not treat the filter material at all.

Protect your hot tub investment by purchasing Genuine Marquis Hot Tub Filters from your local Marquis retailer. Don’t assume it’s a Marquis filter unless it has the Marquis label. Treat your hot tub with care and you’ll get therapeutic massage and enjoyment for many years to come.

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