Marquis Furthers Their Swim Spa to Four Models and 17 Feet

Marquis Furthers Their Swim Spa to Four Models and 17 Feet!

Marquis® launched their first swim spa, Aquatic Training Vessel-14™ or (ATV-14™) last November, now just one year later, they have an entire swim spa fleet to choose from. The Marquis® ATV™ line includes four models; ATV™-17 Kona, ATV™-17 Sport, ATV™-14 Sport and the ATV™-14 Splash.

“We have expanded our ATV™ line to meet the growing demand for a variety of customers; from the serious athlete to a family looking to spend time together,” says Marquis® President & CEO John Schrenk.

The ATV™-17 Kona is the big dog. With Marquis®’ all new Whitewater 4™ jets, the Kona is seventeen feet of pure power. Paired with two new 360 GPM 2-speed pumps, six Whitewater 4™ swim end jets deliver 39% more flow than traditional jets of a similar size. Cranked all the way up, the Kona will deliver an open water swim experience much like that other swim off Kona on the Big Island. Another true Marquis® innovation is the positioning of two Whitewater 4™ Buoyancy Jets on each side of the vessel down deep, powered by our MP160 2-speed pump. Kona comes with complete access to the full library of videos and workouts and swim sets reference materials from 6-time Ironman® Champion Dave Scott.

ATV™-17 Sport, like the Kona, is three feet longer and five inches deeper in workout area than the original ATV™. The 53” depth of water will make physical therapy and other upper torso aquatic exercise even more beneficial. The extra three feet of length offers even more swim workout space to maneuver as well. The ATV™ six jet array at the swim end and three 2-speed pumps will power the substantial flow of water through the space as well as the therapy jets in the two seats.

ATV™-14 Sport is just like the original, but better. For 2016 it will feature twin tether anchor locations for workouts both against and with the flow of the water. This simple change of direction for water movement provides differing stroke, kick and body orientation to improve swim mechanics.

ATV™-14 Splash offers all of the functions of the Sport, just with a little less flow intensity and cost. A single pump powers two swim end jets and includes one swim tether for aquatic exercise.

Marquis® is known for their unique interior color choices and the ATV™ has not been left out. All four models are available in three stunning colors, Frost White, Ocean Blue and new for 2016, Sky Blue.

To get the ultimate aquatic experience, visit where you can watch ATV™ videos, download a brochure and find your nearest dealer.


Owning a Marquis is easy. Choosing one can be the hard part. Answer a few simple questions, give us some information and we can help you choose a model that will fit your lifestyle.

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