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Hot Tub Relaxation Benefits

Hydrotherapy benefits

Relaxation is more than simply absence from work. It involves freedom from tension and anxiety and is a regenerative experience that improves your mood.

Stress, on the other hand, triggers physiological defense mechanisms. Ancient instincts that used to protect humans from saber-toothed tigers and marauding warriors now react to a flood of modern triggers. Driving in traffic, watching the evening news, even the ding of an incoming text message is enough to trigger a stress response. Over time, this stress adds up and is potentially damaging to your overall health and wellness. So it’s important to set aside time and experience the healing benefits of relaxation, especially as you get older.

One of the most popular benefits of hydrotherapy is relaxation. The clean, warm, bubbling water and targeted massage combine to create a multilayered sensory experience. Many people also practice some form of relaxation discipline during hydrotherapy, such as focused breathing, visualization or progressive muscle relaxation. By adding elements of spa therapy, like aromatherapy, chromotherapy, music therapy and oxygen skin therapy, it facilitates even deeper levels of relaxation.

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In this regard, a Harvard medical professor coined the term “Relaxation Response.” According to the publication Psychology Today, this term refers to “your personal ability to encourage your body to release chemicals and brain signals that make your muscles and organs slow down and increase blood flow to the brain.” Various methods can be used to achieve this response including massage, progressive muscle relaxation and the act of “removing yourself from everyday thought.” Hydrotherapy is one such method. It provides the physical stimulation and the environment necessary for relaxation. It has many health benefits, and is a wonderful setting for family, social and romantic connections.

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