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Specialized Massage Seats


Specialized Massage Seats

Vector21 brings 21st century hydrotherapy design features like the V-O-L-T™ system, V3 Throttle Control valves and interchangeable Jetpods. Vector21 also offers Jetpods preconfigured in four Specialized Massage Seats.* What if you want to change configurations later? No problem! Swapping Jetpod inserts from one seat to another is a snap, or additional inserts can be purchased for endless possibilities. Check them out!


Deep-Tissue Massage Seat

An array of Directional Jetpods deliver muscle and deep tissue massage therapy. Strategically placed to offer larger muscle groups a deeper hydromassage experience, Directional Jetpods penetrate deeply into specific muscle locations without causing skin irritation. Great for active lifestyles or chronic pain, the Deep-Tissue Massage Seat offers relief to over-used muscles and helps to aid their recovery. 

Marquis Vector21 Deep-Tissue Massage Seat
Vector21 Shiatsu Specialized Massage Seat

Shiatsu Massage Seat

Inspired by the Japanese concept of massage therapy, the word shiatsu literally means “finger pressure.” By applying pressure to areas that open up the meridians, Shiatsu is thought to return balance to the body. Borrowing from this concept, Orbital Jetpods rotate over the skin to create a firm, moving sensation that penetrates into surface tissue. The Shiatsu Massage Seat can help you relax and rebalance as Vector21 transports you to a better state of mind.

Relaxation Massage Seat

Conal Jetpods provide a topical sensation on the skin surface, uniquely diffusing water flow to provide a persistent, gentle massage without deep-muscle manipulation. The Relaxation Massage Seat is a peaceful location to re-center.

Vector21 Relaxation Specialized Massage Seat
Vector21 Swedish Specialized Massage Seat

Swedish Massage Seat

Swedish massage incorporates an array of concepts. With massage strokes that glide and knead along with friction and vibration, the goal is to increase blood flow, unbind fascia and wake up the body’s circulation systems. By combining Directional, Orbital and Conal Jetpods, the Swedish Massage Seat (or lounge) offers a variety of simultaneous massage sensations.


*The number and orientation of Jetpods and Specialized Massage Seats varies between Vector21 models. See individual model pages for more information.

Vector21 Whitewater-4 Jet Foot Reflexology


Reflexology includes the belief that reflex points in the feet correspond to different body organs and systems, and that pressing these points creates tangible health benefits. The V84, V84L, V94 and V94L hot tubs feature a colossal Whitewater-4™ jet in the footwell. A massive volume of water is delivered by this revolutionary jet design. Combined with the geometric reflexology pattern molded into the footwell, the Whitewater-4 jet is great for massaging tired feet and may even help to relieve symptoms of plantar fasciitis.

Vector21 Reflexology Footwell Geometric Pattern

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