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Marquis is committed to customer satisfaction. With an industry leading warranty and Spa Certified awards we are constantly challenging ourselves to make our award winning customer service even better. So help us help you by following these steps:

  • Contact the staff at the Dealership where you purchased your Marquis Spa.
  • If the inquiry or concern remains unresolved, contact the Manager or Owner of the Dealership.
  • If the inquiry or concern cannot be resolved at the dealership level, please contact us, via one of the alternate methods below.

Before calling for or submitting any model-specific questions, please have your hot tub serial number available. This will ensure better and more accurate service and will save you time. The hot tub serial number is located in the equipment bay, or on a silver tag under the bay on the base.

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Marquis Corp
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Phone: 1-800-275-0888
Fax: 1-503-838-2531