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Make-A-Wish and Marquis

Together we make the stars align

Wishes Need Stars Like You

Every child deserves a childhood. By helping to grant a wish, we become a light of hope for a child fighting a critical illness today so they can look forward to tomorrow.

For 40 years Make-A-Wish® and its supporters have made the stars align, helping to grant more than 500,000 wishes (more than 340,000 wishes in the U.S. and its territories alone) for children fighting critical illnesses. In support of the 40th Anniversary of Make-A-Wish and the hundreds of thousands of life-changing wishes that have been granted, please join us in giving hope to a child in your community. Help us make every wish come true.


A 20-Year Partnership

Marquis and Make-A-Wish team up to help wish kids find relief in the soothing water of a hot tub or swim spa. For the past twenty years, Marquis and its dealers have helped grant over 900 hot tub and swim spa wishes across North America for children with critical conditions.

The partnership with Make-A-Wish was inspired by 17-year-old Andrea’s wish in 2000 to have a hot tub in her backyard. It eased the physical distress from her chemotherapy and radiation treatments. Now, many years later and cancer-free, Andrea continues to enjoy her Marquis hot tub. Her wish inspired Marquis to help with similar wishes. The partnership has already generated more than $6.5 million in donations and discounts for Make-A-Wish America, Make-A-Wish Canada and Make-A-Wish United Kingdom.

This partnership is so important to Marquis, we made the Wish hot tub in honor of Make-A-Wish. The Wish hot tub is shaped in a beautiful W and offers ultimate therapy for a family of five. Marquis also donates $50 to Make-A-Wish for every Wish hot tub purchased.

Therapy & Connection

Marquis is proud to be the preferred provider for Make-A-Wish hot tub and swim spa wishes since 2000. Hot tub and swim spa wishes are ideal for children who require physical therapy in the comfort of their own home. Hot tubs and swim spas can provide great relief from the side effects of chemotherapy and radiation treatments that many wish kids have to endure. Marquis hot tubs and swims spas also create a sanctuary for the wish kids and their families to connect and spend time together.

Wishes Granted

Here are some of the many wishes we and our dealers have been so proud to support:





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