Hot tub jets play an important role in the hydrotherapy experience. Especially when they are driven by a well-balanced system. Marquis integrates jets based on how well they contribute to high-flow therapy, deliver beneficial massage and provide thoughtful ergonomics.

By design, every Marquis hot tub is a perfectly-balanced system, where jet sizes, jet counts, jet styles, jet types and jet placements match the pump configuration and water delivery system to achieve the best-feeling hydrotherapy. The end result is a feeling of deep muscle penetration without skin discomfort, and a more relaxing and beneficial hot tub experience.

Keep it simple

Keep it simple

Fortunately, you don’t need to be an expert in hot tub jets to make a wise purchase. But there are some basic principles to understand, and a few common pitfalls to avoid. We will start with the basics first and get more technical later. Our goal is to keep it simple so you can begin experiencing the therapeutic benefits of hot tub ownership. Each section on this page is marked BASIC, INTERMEDIATE or TECHNICAL depending on how much detail you need.

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Marquis Hot Tub Jet Basics

Jet basics

BASIC: Jets should deliver the right amount of muscle-tissue penetration in the right areas without causing skin discomfort. The water flow should not feel sharp against your skin, nor create a burning or itching sensation within a few minutes. Jet placement should account for different therapy needs, body types and the buoyancy of the human body in water. To provide the most therapeutic benefit, jets must be supported by a sufficient pump and plumbing configuration. Marquis hot tub jets demonstrate these four principles:

  1. Placement: Targeting the right areas for a variety of body types to achieve the best therapy.
  2. Performance: Delivering the right amount of water at the right pressure to achieve the best feeling.
  3. Variety: Providing different jet combinations in each seat to accommodate a variety of therapy needs and body types.
  4. Customization: Offering the ability to control pump speed, therapy zones, water and air flow, and to customize jet configurations.

When shopping for a hot tub, beware of brands who flaunt high jet counts to mask underpowered systems. The best way to avoid disappointment is by scheduling a “hot tub wet test.” This means visiting a Marquis Dealer's showroom in your area, bring a bathing suit and towel, soak in a test model, and physically experience how it feels. This is the easiest way to understand “The Marquis Difference.”

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Anatomy of a Hot Tub Jet


BASIC: All hot tub jets include three sections: the intake (where the water enters), the orifice (through which the water passes), and an air inlet allowing bubbles to modify how the water feels. Jets may have an interchangeable insert to provide extra customization, and a nozzle to change the massage feeling. Marquis takes into account every aspect of a jet when selecting jet sizes, jet counts, jet placements, and jet styles, as well as the pump configuration and water delivery system needed to achieve the best therapy.

The Best Hot Tub Jet Placement


INTERMEDIATE: Jet size affects the amount of water able to flow through it. Specifically, the size of the intake where the water enters, and the size of the orifice through which the water passes. The size of jet inserts and nozzles should always complement the flow rate of the jet itself. Some people confuse large jet faces, which are an aesthetic feature, with a higher flow rate.  Some hot tub brands exploit this confusion by selecting jets with large jet faces, but small intakes and orifices, to give the impression a hot tub has high-flow jets when it really doesn’t. In contrast, Marquis provides an honest breakdown of jet sizes. And the characteristics of each jet are perfectly matched to accomplish the most therapeutic benefit. So you experience higher flows against common tension points and large muscle groups, and lesser flow against more delicate areas. The end result is a better, more satisfying hydrotherapy experience.


INTERMEDIATE: A common misconception is that “more jets equals better therapy.” In reality, jet count is only one part of the equation. Equally important are jet size, jet placement, jet style, and the pump configuration and water delivery system supporting the jet array. Some hot tub brands try to dazzle you with high jet counts without providing enough performance, so what seems impressive in the showroom turns out to be disappointing at home. In contrast, Marquis hot tub jet counts are part of an elegant ecosystem designed to achieve the best hydrotherapy experience. In our opinion, “a better-designed system equals better therapy.”

The Best Hot Tub Jet Style


INTERMEDIATE: The placement of jets is an example of hot tub ergonomics. It should take into account the various heights and body types of different people. Some hot tub brands have neck jets so high they aim at your ears or don’t reach down to your lower lumbar. Often, such details only become noticeable after you purchase a spa and get it home. In contrast, Marquis hot tubs are the result of painstaking attention to detail. Jet placement is optimized to provide the right amount of water to the right areas to achieve the best therapeutic outcome in every jet configuration.

Jet style affects the way it feels


INTERMEDIATE: In this context, the term "jet style" refers to the massage feeling a jet creates, not its visual design. Spinning jets create a kneading effect. Straight (or, "directional") jets deliver a column of water to create a focused feeling. Conal and multi-port jets disperse the water to create a more relaxed sensation. Extra-high-flow jets create a feeling of thunderous power up close, and a sweeping caress when far away. Air also plays a role in the massage feeling by adding percussion to the water flow.

Marquis hot tubs combine a variety of jet styles, taking into account the jet size, jet count and jet placement to achieve the best-feeling hydromassage. For example, Crown Collection and Vector21 Series hot tubs come preconfigured with a Deep-tissue Massage Seat, Relaxation Massage Seat, Shiatsu Massage Seat and Swedish Massage Seat.

Vector21 Jet Types


INTERMEDIATE: In this context, the term "jet type" refers to the different jets Marquis uses across our product line. You can be assured that, whichever hot tub you select, jets will match the pump configuration and water delivery system to achieve the best feeling.

  • Crown Collection RHK™ Jets: The epitome of advanced therapy. Driven by the Crown Collection's revolutionary system architecture, RHK™ jets provide the ultimate combination of penetrating power and therapeutic flexibility. Jumbo RHK-40 jets are grouped into specialized jet clusters called H.O.T. Zones™ to target your trouble spots in need of something extra. Once you feel the full intensity of a Crown Collection H.O.T. Zone, you will understand why no other hot tub brand compares to Marquis. The RHK™16, RHK™12 and RHK™8 jets have interchangeable inserts to fine-tune your hydromassage, and additional inserts may be purchased.
  • Signature HK™ Jets: The epitome of performance. Fueled by the power of the Signature Series therapy system, Hydro Kinetic (HK) Jets provide unmatched feeling and satisfaction. The jaw-dropping flow rate of HK40 therapy jets melts away aches and pains. After you feel the intensity of a Signature H.O.T. Zone jet cluster, you’ll become a Marquis fan for life. The HK™16, HK™12 and HK™8 jets have interchangeable inserts to fine-tune your hydromassage, and additional inserts may be purchased.
  • Vector21 Jetpods: The epitome of versatility. Fueled by the highly efficient V-O-L-T system, high-flow Jetpods provide world-class therapy and custom configuration. Jetpod inserts can be swapped from one seat to another to fine-tune your hydromassage, or additional Jetpods may be purchased.
  • Marquis Elite Century II and Celebrity Century Jets: The epitome of relaxation. Marquis Elite Century II jets have stainless steel jet faces to bring a little extra bling. On Celebrity Hot Tubs®, stainless steel jet faces are optional. Century II and Century jets have interchangeable inserts to fine-tune your hydromassage, and additional inserts may be purchased.

Hot Tub Pump Configurations


INTERMEDIATE: The number of pumps and their performance has a direct impact on the hydrotherapy experience. Generally, the more massage seats and therapy jets in a spa, the more pumps and electricity it will require. Every Marquis hot tub is a perfectly-balanced system, with a pump configuration and flow rate designed to optimize water delivery and maximize performance of therapy jets in each massage seat. On some models, pump upgrades are available to enhance therapy needs or performance expectations. The Marquis design is flexible enough to accommodate these upgrades without straining the system, while providing an incremental performance boost important to some hot-tub enthusiasts. On all Marquis hot tubs, the primary pump is dual speed. On Crown Collection, Signature, Vector21 and Marquis Elite Series, auxiliary pumps are dual speed.* Celebrity Hot Tubs have single-speed auxiliary pumps.*

Marquis Hot Tub Jet Distribution

The bottom line

The benefits of hydrotherapy are well worth your investment of time, energy and money. We invite you to schedule a wet test or begin the consultation process with your local Marquis Dealer. Get ready to enjoy The Ultimate Hot Tub Experience!™

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