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Marquis Features The Big 3


World-class features. The “Big 3” represents the top three design features that set Marquis apart from every other hot tub brand. This overview helps you understand how Marquis hot tubs deliver a more satisfying hydrotherapy experience, and some of the distinctions between the five Marquis hot tub series.

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Marquis Filtration and Sanitation Features


Pristine water management. Marquis ConstantClean with SmartClean delivers unparalleled water filtration. The added features in ConstantClean+ deliver the most thorough and convenient water management system on the market. Learn more about Marquis’ innovative approach to water care, and the features and options available within each Marquis hot tub series.

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Marquis High-flow Therapy Features


Deeper muscle penetration without skin discomfort. High-flow therapy is at the core of why Marquis hot tubs feel superior and perform better than the competition. Learn more about this fundamental design feature, and discover the unique water delivery and flow control features available in each of the four Marquis hot tub series.

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Marquis Hot Tub Jet Features


Powerful hydromassage. Marquis integrates jets based on how well they contribute to high-flow therapy and deliver the most therapeutic benefit. By design, every Marquis hot tub is a perfectly-balanced system, with jet sizes, jet counts, jet styles, jet types and jet placements designed to match the pump configuration and water delivery system. Learn more about each of our jet collections, and what each Marquis hot tub series has to offer.

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Marquis Hot Tub Cover Features


Durable and reliable. One DuraCover® is included with your hot tub, and replacement covers are also available. Marquis DuraCovers have a full-length linear heat seal along the fold, marine-grade double-stitched vinyl, and a galvanized-steel channel support strut embedded into the cover to reduce drooping or buckling from snow. It reduces heat loss to save you money on electric bills, and protects your spa from sun damage and debris.

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Marquis Quality Materials and Durable Surfaces


Made in the USA and built to last. Manufactured in Independence, OR, Marquis hot tubs are the epitome of quality. It is not uncommon for people to enjoy their Marquis hot tub for decades. When they are ready to upgrade or experience the latest technology, they buy another Marquis because of our reputation for durability. One reason for this is our use of carefully-selected, durable, all-weather materials. As a result, Marquis hot tubs continue to look as beautiful as they perform, year after year

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Hot Tub Safety Features


Best-in-class safety. Marquis® hydrotherapy is founded on the principles of good health and wellness. So naturally, safety is an essential quality of Marquis products. From the most basic to the most fully-featured configuration, Marquis hot tubs share multiple layers of best-in-class safety features, going above and beyond what other brands have to offer. This commitment to safety has much do with Marquis' global reputation for worry-free ownership.

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Marquis MQTouch Color Touch Screen


Exclusive to Signature Series and Crown Collection hot tubs. In addition to being intuitive and easy to use, the MQTouch color touch screen provides a wealth of functionality. MQTouch allows you to control every aspect of your hot tub’s operations. Plus, adding options like audio, lighting and MicroSilk® delivers even more control. (Remote access over the internet is available when you add the optional ControlMySpa™ system and mobile app.)

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