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The Big 3



The "Big 3” refers to the top three design features that set Marquis apart from every other hot tub brand. Of course, many more details go into delivering the ultimate hot tub experience. But once you have a basic understanding of The Big 3, you are well on your way to understanding the Marquis difference. The Big 3 includes:

  1. High-flow therapy

  2. ConstantClean+

  3. MicroSilk®

1. What is high-flow therapy?

Imagine standing waist deep in the middle of a rushing stream or river. The water will exert tremendous weight against your body, even though it is flowing at low pressure. It feels weighty because of the large volume of water flow. Marquis applies a similar principle to achieve high-flow therapy. By delivering as much water as possible at low pressure, Marquis hot tubs achieve deeper muscle penetration without causing skin discomfort. Instead of feeling like pointy fingernails digging into your skin, causing an itching or burning sensation, Marquis high-flow therapy feels like the weighty palms of a skilled masseuse.

Every Marquis hot tub model, from the most basic to the most fully featured, delivers high-flow therapy in each seat and lounge. The experience gets even better as you step up in hot tub size, jet count and pump configuration. For increased performance and control, consider the enhanced flow volume and versatility of the Vector21 Series, or the high-output therapy zones and luxury amenities of the Signature Series.

High-flow therapy features summary

  • Crown Collection: Hydrokinetic Laminar Therapy delivers maximum water flow in an entirely new system architecture. High Output Therapy (H.O.T.)™ Zones target specific zones of the body with massive flow volumes. Up to seven seats and 65 jets (including RHK-40 and Regal Whitewater-4 jets), Specialized Massage Seats (Deep-Tissue, Relaxation, Shiatsu and Swedish), and powerfully simple Dynamic Flow Control valves to adjust water flow between the deep-tissue H.O.T. Zones and Specialized Massage jets. Up to two dual-speed pumps and a full suite of luxury amenities and options.
  • Marquis Elite Series: High-flow therapy with up to seven seats, 50 standard jets, one Whitewater-4 jet on selected models, up to two pumps, additional options, intuitive control at the seat group level, and the ability to isolate water flow to one side of the spa.
  • Celebrity Hot Tubs: High-flow therapy with up to seven seats, 50 standard jets, up to two pumps, intuitive control at the seat group level, and the ability to isolate water flow to one side of the spa.

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2. What is ConstantClean+?

ConstantClean+ (plus) is Marquis’ flagship water-management system. It combines ConstantClean, the most thorough and efficient filtration system on the market, plus (+) a twofold sanitation system. ConstantClean includes SmartClean software, which automatically schedules a high-volume clean-up cycle twice per day, cleaning 100% of the water over 34 times. You can set it and practically forget it for up to four to six weeks. The system automatically schedules an extra cleanup cycle 30 minutes after each hydrotherapy session. The end result is an elegant and convenient design able to clean more water, more thoroughly, in far less time than competing hot tub brands, with a lower concentration of sanitizer chemicals in the water. Learn more.

Availability in each Marquis series

  • Crown Collection: ConstantClean+ is standard
  • Vector21 Series: ConstantClean filtration is included. ConstantClean+ is optional*
  • Marquis Elite Series: ConstantClean filtration is included. ConstantClean+ is optional*
  • Celebrity Hot Tubs: ConstantClean filtration is included. ConstantClean+ is optional (2020 and newer)*

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*As an alternative to adding both sanitation systems, either the ozonator with Mazzei injection or the in-line sanitation can be added individually.

3. What is MicroSilk®?

MicroSilk is like an oxygen facial for your whole body. When massage jets are not active, a dedicated pump and Venturi system can be engaged, injecting billions of tiny microbubbles into the water. This creates a milky oxygen cloud saturated with up to 70% more dissolved oxygen than tap water. At only 50 microns, the microbubbles are smaller than skin pores and hair follicles so they penetrate deeply into the epidural layer. Oxygen is a natural cleanser and the microbubbles are negatively charged, so impurities like sebum, anaerobic pathogens and other positively-charged contaminants are removed. The result is a higher level of detoxification and hydration than non-oxygenated water. Cosmetic benefits include reduction in skin irritation, gentle exfoliation and reduction in the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Marquis is the only hot tub brand to fully optimize the functionality of MicroSilk. As a result, Marquis produces more MicroSilk-enabled hot tubs than all other hot tub brands combined. Learn more.

Availability in each Marquis series

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Putting it all together

The benefits of hydrotherapy are so important that Marquis offers a range of choices to meet a variety of needs, expectations, and household budgets. Whether you choose a basic model, a fully-loaded model, or something in between, you will get the best possible hot tub experience in your price range. Most importantly, you will have access to the many benefits of hydrotherapy in the comfort and privacy of your home. To get started or schedule a wet test, we invite you to contact your nearest Marquis Dealer

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