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What is oxygen skin therapy?

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The goal of oxygen skin therapy is to oxygenate the skin and promote hydration, detoxification and blood circulation. Soaking in supersaturated, oxygen-infused water is one method of pursuing this goal.

Oxygen skin therapy employs the Venturi effect to generate billions of tiny oxygen microbubbles measuring smaller than 50 microns. This supersaturates the water with up to 70% more dissolved oxygen than tap water.  The smaller the bubbles the slower they are to rise to the surface, becoming suspended in the water and giving it a cloudy appearance.

Oxygen skin therapy benefits

On the uppermost layer of skin, the microbubbles create a silky, effervescent sensation that promotes relaxation and stress relief. They also enhance the hydrotherapy and aromatherapy experience. How?

As the microbubbles implode they create billions of exothermic reactions, dubbed “the sauna effect,” releasing heat energy back into the water. This distributes heat more evenly and reinforces the thermal benefits of hydrotherapy, which include lower blood pressure and increased heart rate. When aromatherapy essences are infused into the water, the increased surface area of the microbubbles comes into contact with the herbal essences, unlocking more of them at the water surface. This means that more soothing aroma can reach your nose and less aromatherapy product is necessary during oxygen skin therapy.

On a deeper level the microbubbles penetrate into skin pores, hair follicles and sebaceous glands. Oxygen is a natural cleanser and the microbubbles are negatively charged. So they become attracted to impurities like sebum, anaerobic pathogens and other contaminants that are positively charged. The result is a higher level of detoxification and hydration than non-oxygenated water. Cosmetic benefits include reduction in skin irritation, gentle exfoliation and reduction in the appearance of wrinkles. Researchers are also exploring more comprehensive benefits.

According to the International Journal of Cosmetic Science, “Water is an effective vehicle for transporting dissolved O2 across the skin surface,” and could be used “to improve skin oxygen tension to support skin health and function.” Skin oxygen tension is an indirect measure of blood flow to the skin. So by oxygenating the skin to promote blood flow, it may help to support overall skin health and function.

In this regard, a study published in the Canadian Journal of Physiology and Pharmacology observed, “Skin absorbs appreciable amounts of O2 from O2-infused water.” Researchers see opportunities for “treatments targeting skin diseases with ischemic origin.” In other words, targeting skin disorders caused by deficient blood supply to the skin. Of course, you should consult a physician or dermatology expert for specific treatment recommendations. But it certainly illustrates the potential benefits.

Last but not least, testimonials from people who have benefited from soaking in oxygen-infused water include those with symptoms of eczema, psoriasis and Ichthyosis. While not intended to treat or cure these diseases, the combination of hydrotherapy and oxygen skin therapy evidently offers some therapeutic benefit.

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